VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM SOFTWARE Last few years have seen the technological upgrade in many aspects in automobile sector. Now a vehicle is not just a medium to travel from one location to another but it is much more than that. … Continue Reading

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WHAT IS CAR TRACKER ? Car tracker is a GPS enabled device which helps to locate the location and movement of the vehicle attached to it. These are increasingly being used for navigation in personal as well as commercial vehicles … Continue Reading

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What Is Field Force Tracking software ?

Field Force Tracking Software What Is Field Force Tracking software ? As the organization’s enter an era of fierce competition among the peers, the result-oriented approach is taking front seat in the consideration for the organizations. There are enhanced efforts … Continue Reading

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ais 140 software

AIS 140 Software | ARAI AIS 140 Standard

AIS 140 Software GeoRadius has developed AIS 140 software in compliance with the recent ARAI published AIS 140 standard. Our software and mobile application incorporates all features and advanced functionality desired by OEM and State Government. The government has directed every … Continue Reading

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Vehicle Tracking Mobile Application | GeoTrack

Vehicle Tracking Mobile Application Our vehicle tracking mobile application is available for IOS and Android smartphones, downloadable through respective app stores. Mobile application offers complete real-time tracking on Google Maps with extensive reporting on vehicle status, distance, trip and other … Continue Reading

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5 Reasons for becoming a GeoRadius Partner

Becoming a Georadius Partner and striving for new goals is a motivating way to get yourself out of the current economic funk. For many people, these goals include the desire to start their own business and become the master of … Continue Reading

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Heavy Equipment GPS Tracking | Saves costs & Efficiency

How does tracking affect your Heavy Equipment Efficiency? Heavy Equipment GPS Tracking, why is it even important? Heavy equipment needs huge investment. It also brings in hefty maintenance cost. Thus, the performance and efficiency of equipment become crucial. Unauthorized, rough … Continue Reading

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Employee Transport System | Routing & Rostering Guide

Employee Transport System Employee Transport System automates all aspects of transport operations including rostering, routing and billing. Also, this decrease in costs and overheads quickly translates to an increase in profits. It is so designed that it allows fleet operators to plan … Continue Reading

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gps tracking

GPS Tracking – Know how does it work

What is GPS Tracking? You must have commonly heard the word GPS in everyday use. GPS itself is a very broad keyword, it stands for Global Positioning System based on American satellites orbiting the earth. The GPS uses a constellation of between … Continue Reading

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Track your Field Force | Know Where is your delivery boy?

Where is your delivery boy? Have you had enough of customers calling you between your business, constantly only to enquire about their delivery status? Well, we have it sorted for you. Better than letting your customer know the vague time … Continue Reading

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