AIS140 Vehicle Tracking with Panic Button

Mandated from 1st January 2019, by Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways that all public transport vehicles must be fitted with vehicle tracking system with panic button in compliance with AIS140 approved devices from iCAT / ARAI.

All public transport vehicles like public buses, taxies, educational institution buses registered on or after 1 January will have to comply with AIS140 and be installed with VLT and panic buttons. AIS140 devices undergo vigrous testing on its compliance and very few devices are able to abide by the standards. The parameter are based on receiving IRNSS – GAGAN satellite system. AIS140 devices are tested for extreame climatic and tempreature fluctuations insuring that they are water proof IP65 and rugged for automotive use.

AIS 140 standards have been designed to ensure the safety and security of women, students and other travellers, respond to emergencies and medical needs, along with curbing speeding. While passengers travelling alone will be content to know that their vehicle is being tracked and there is a panic button to rely on in case a situation goes haywire, the system will also help the drivers of these public service vehicles. In case of an accident, instead of calling the emergency services and explaining the location to them over the phone, the driver/occupant can transmit the vehicle’s location directly to the emergency response team by a push of a button.

The system will also prove beneficial in tough situations during natural disasters. Furthermore in terms of an emergency/panic button, passengers or in-vehicle crew present in the vehicle should be able to make an emergency request by pressing the emergency button provided that can only be deactivated by authorised government server. In case there is no reception (GSM and GPRS), the alert will be stored in the device and as soon as the network becomes available the device will need to be able to send the information on high priority to the configured addresses.

Works Perfectly on All Devices

View location of vehicles on any device as well as on Android and iPhone Application. Geo Radius GPS tracking System offers extensive functionality and flexible usage.


Multilingual text with icon and reverse geocoded  location detail about vehicle location and status

  • Google Maps
  • Here Maps
  • Open Street Maps
  • Map My India Maps
vehicle-tracking-system application

Excellent User Experience

User-friendly Interface makes it easy to track vehicles and other critical data. 

Super Flexible

Completely responsive to different display sizes. Rest API gives complete flexibility to the user to access track console.

ICAT approved AIS140 VLTD Device

Vehicle Location & Tracking Device (VLTD) bearing model number M2C2030 has been approved with GPS+IRNSS supported GNSS constellation bearing Test Report CT0GO0183 dated 10th May 2019 and TAC CK8054 dated 21st May 2019.

Our VLTD device has been certified for IP67, Protected from immersion in water with a depth of up to 1 meter (or 3.3 feet) for up to 30 mins. Enclosure has been designed for rugged use withstanding high tempreature upto 200 degrees

Dual profile eSIM is provided in the device with multiple network switching insuring seamless connectivity throughout India.In places where no network is available, the device stores the trip on its memory to be transmitted when connected



The device is equipped with dual profile eSIM for seamless GPRS network connectivity throughout India

IP67 “Ingress Protection.”

The highest level of protection against dust and lint and immersion protection of up to 1 meter

Panic Button for Emergency Alert

Specially designed panic button has 3 state change indications. Well lit and high luminous makes it a no miss for vehicle occupants.

Easily accessible to passengers, under normal condition the panic button stays GREEN in indication and turns RED when pressed incase of emergency.

AMBER indication is maintained till connected server is notified of its state change which can only reset upon acknowledgement from the receiving server finally changing the indication to GREEN

The panic button is hardwired to the device and tamperproof with disconnection alert and tamper alert.


State Change Indication

The panic button indicates and holds current condition when preseed and changes when acknowledged.

Tamper Alert

Unconnected and tampered panic button will broadcast tamper alert to the central control server.

Additional Features

Support 4 digital, 2 analogue and 1 serial communication for interfacing external systems.

Transmits data to two different IP addresses (minimum) and additional one IP address for emergency response system.

The device has an internal power backup of at least four hours. Capable of transmitting data alerts to the backend server; and support for over-the-air (OTA) software and configuration update.

The device GPRS module should have a multi-slot GPRS with in-built quad-band GPRS module with a lifespan of at least 10 years life and more than 1 million read/write cycles.


Battery Backup

The inbuilt battery ensures power to the system even after it has been disconnected from the mains power

Dual IP Transmission

Apart from Government Server IP, the device is capable of sending data to the private server for user data analytics.


GeoRadius offers unique and efficient customization with reports and alerts within the system

Ease of use

The critical information such as location data, vehicle status, can be accessed easily with the help of a GPS fleet management software.

Be Competitive

You can outplay the competition by streamlining your expenses with fuel tracking & providing unceasable service.


Cold Chain Goods

Ensure that Cargo is transported in optimal conditions. Goods are delivered fresh at the final destination.

Status in Realtime

The system provides real-time temperature and location information throughout the transport and storage time.

Fuel Usage Audit

Analyze the fuel consumption of your fleet vehicles in order to maximize profits from commercial activities.

AIS140 Device + Panic Button + 2 Year eSim with Subscription (Call 01147574755 for Special Price)
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