Field Force Tracking Software

Field Force Tracking

What Is Field Force Tracking software ? As the organization’s enter an era of fierce competition among the peers, the result-oriented approach is taking front seat in the consideration for the organizations. There are enhanced efforts to minimize the cost and maximize the productivity. It is foremost to know how employees are performing especially outdoors so that the productivity of the employee and the result for the organization is more meaningful. Most organizations do not know the real time tracking of there field force. How spends time outside of the office and what is their productivity.

Although Field Force Tracking software is most likely to be repelled by the employees however it makes it easier to the organization in strategy formulation and implementation.

What is Field Force Tracking

Field Force Tracking

Field force tracking is a GPS enabled software which keeps a close watch on the movement of field force at any particular time as well as stores historical data. It enables real time tracking for the management who can utilize the work force flexibly and assign and re assign tasks as per the need. Field Force tracking software allows multiple management level to access the data at the same time. It also helps the accounts department of the company to calculate the actual distance covered for the expense purposes.

Advantages of Field Force Tracking

There are multiple advantages of field force tracking software. Depending on the nature of the business of the company, it can be customized for the optimum usage by the company

  • Precise attendance management
  • Real Time tracking
  • Real time data analysis
  • Reports & MIS
  • Cost Reduction
  • Manpower Management
  • Sales Management by field staff
  • Distributor Channel Management

Field force tracking software is easy to use and quite much user friendly. The app can be downloaded on android or iOS devices and is enables with rich feature for field staff as well as management.

So , in a competitive and complexed sales environment field force tracking software is highly recommended . As it empowers the field force to plan and schedule their field visits as well as enables the management to keep monitoring the sales staff and improve the deputation and allocation.

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