Vehicle Tracking Mobile Application

Our vehicle tracking mobile application is available for IOS and Android smartphones, downloadable through respective app stores. Mobile application offers complete real-time tracking on Google Maps with extensive reporting on vehicle status, distance, trip and other parameters including fuel and temperature.

GeoRadius Vehicle Tracking Mobile Application offers ease of use and control with smartphone applications that are regularly updated with new features. Users are authenticated with the registered mobile number or email Id, you can reset your password with ease using the same credentials.

GPS vehicle tracking mobile application can be useful when it comes to monitoring your kid that just started to drive, check in on your elderly parents, or commercial application to track your fleet. It used to be that GPS car tracking is possible only after purchasing/installing a hardware tracker. GPS vehicle tracking application comes with a monthly /annual fee.

Accessing information through GPS vehicle tracking mobile application for IOS and Android offer much more functionality and convenience than their web logins. Probably the most common example of when the ability to track the exact location of your car comes in handy is when you want to keep an eye on the driver or how much money you spend on fuel. Our mobile applications do exactly the same by giving you consumption details of fuel along with temperature tracking for vehicles used for perishable commodities.

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