Where is your delivery boy?

Have you had enough of customers calling you between your business, constantly only to enquire about their delivery status?

Well, we have it sorted for you.
Better than letting your customer know the vague time the delivery will take, you can track your own delivery guy and inform about real issues or exact time of delivery.

Who can use the solution:

Every organization, which relies on field employees and their daily movement can use this service. We install an app that tracks your employee, their expenses, bills, invoices as well as their tasks.
What we do for you is, we install a simple application that tracks your delivery boy from and to his delivery address. What you do is, simply update his online daily task sheet and status with priority.
He is then responsible for completing the task, update and revert you back for his inability to deliver or any issues regarding the process.

How Does It Affect Task Management 

Tasks: Today is Wednesday and it is empty compared to other days of the week as well as usual Wednesday.
Your delivery boy is out for delivery already and has deliveries at Location A | Location B | Location C & Location D

He has total 10 deliveries to be made & 3 pickups.

By afternoon, your delivery boy has completed location A and is in the last phase ‘A10’. Suddenly you find a booking for the pick up of 3 different packages from A10, A11 & A12. It can fit in the vehicle, Delivery Boy is using as well as falls on his way.

You have 2 options,
1. Wait for next day and make it busier.
2. Call the rider & Tell him about the pickup, but he has no receipts or anything to pick the package.
3. Update his task sheet, add required document copies and inform the customer about same.

Delivery guy gets the notification and checks his updated task. He completes it on the way & your customer is happy. A lazy Wednesday is, however, an optimized day to its full capacity.

Scenario 2:
You have 8 sales executives working in entire Delhi NCR. Your Lead Generation team comes up with new 10 hot clients, who are ready to meet on same day and can pay for the product. However, your sales team is already meeting someone and have scheduled meetings throughout the day.

You have 2 choices
1. Ask client to reschedule it for next day
2. Let team leaders prioritize and manage the tasks of all 8 executives to make the new 10 meeting possible

This optimizes your resources as well as gives you satisfied customers and less burdened sales team. This location-based software provides you efficient task management.

For more information on such efficient task manager and tracker – Geo Task – Field Force Tracking, call us on 1800 – 4757 – 123 or mail us at sales@nms.co.in

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  1. Sandeep Rawat

    Great Post!!

    A writeup written on a new topic on tracking the position of the delivery who has been assigned to deliver your product to the specified address, nicely explained , this will greatly help to improve task management, time management and the transparency among the service provider and customer will increase, which will ultimately help in getting the correct feedback from the customers. This will built trust among the users of your product .

    Thanks for sharing the info..

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