Employee Transport System

Employee Transport System automates all aspects of transport operations including rostering, routing and billing. Also, this decrease in costs and overheads quickly translates to an increase in profits. It is so designed that it allows fleet operators to plan the routes, estimated time of travel and keep track of the position of their vehicles at all times.

Portal Guide

First of all, let us see how you should start with Employee Transportation System & what it has to offer you.

Step I: Call our representative and confirm your user Id and Password. Individual login makes your data most secured.

Step II: Upload list of employees in your organization. The software accepts simple excel sheet.
Here is the page where you have to add the list.

Employee List upload| GeoRoster &

Step III:  Upload existing roster list, a list of vehicles into the system. Also, add a number of seats available per vehicle and utility status.

Geo Roster Sheet upload Screenshit

Step IV: The system automatically creates roster and displays details. You can see completely or partially utilized vehicles. Also, you can see vehicles that are completely vacant.
You can view the list of employees who have been given vehicles details and check their routes on the map.

Employee Transport System

Map View: Map view gives you a better understanding of how employees have been allotted their vehicles and what is their reporting time.


Employee Transport System – perfectly manages the allocation of vehicles to employees, their reporting and pick up time as well as their drops and alerts. It creates the roster based on details fed hence, there is no scope of error in allocating vehicles, report generation, and alert management.


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