deneb & Pollux

Deneb & Pollux Car Rental Services asked GeoRadius to create some new features and reports in the existing system. A system which could count the entries and exits of the vehicle. A count on entry or exit from parking spaces, national highways, tollgates and state borders across India.

Deneb & Pollux Car Rental

Deneb & Pollux Tours & Travels Private Limited established in the year 2000 aims at providing complete transport and travel solutions to its esteemed clients, in compliance with service expectations, statutory needs and strict safety and quality parameters.

Under visionary guidance from Mr. Madan Mohan and Mr. Krishan Mohan, Deneb & Pollux aims excellence in the domain by integrating superior human skill sets with state-of-the-art technology, resulting in an exceptional and unrivaled quality of cars and chauffeurs at reasonable prices. The company believes that customers should be convinced that their life & property are safe in our hands.

They expanded to 11 offices in India catering client needs, apart from a worldwide team of associates. D&P car rental formed a wide vendor network with a fleet of over 850 cars hence, increasing the capacity at short notice. Sheer goodwill due to quality services, vision, and experience made this possible. As one of India’s leading car rental company, they operate a diverse fleet of vehicles.

Their corporate clients are Agilent Technologies, Accenture, American Express, DHL, Goldman Sachs, IBM, McKinsey, Royal Bank Of Scotland, Tata Communications and much more.


January 20, 2010

We approached Deneb & Pollux while they were evaluating vendors for fitment of GPS Vehicle Tracking System for Agilent Technologies. They had another existing vendor providing the similar services but somehow it was unsatisfactory. Therefore, they opted for exploring other options in the market.

June 18, 2010

We were shortlisted along with 2 other providers and systems tested for accuracy, reliability, and economy. Further vigorous testing and comparisons began with demo system installation.

July 09, 2010

We were selected the best among the rest in terms of accuracy and reliability in spite of us being expensive than the rest so we finally received the first purchase order of 10 devices from Deneb & Pollux. Repeated orders thereafter with our service and commitment.


December 05, 2010

As an effort to improve services and optimize human resource Deneb & Pollux advised us to create some additional features and reports in the existing system. Also, a system which counts the vehicle entries and exits parking yards, national highways, tollgates and state borders. This was a real challenge for our development team.

February 08, 2011

Our software platform upgraded with various new reports and functions. However, the breakthrough was Check Point feature which checked the vehicle entries and exits from ‘stated’ places across India.

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