car tracker

Car tracker is a GPS enabled device which helps to locate the location and movement of the vehicle attached to it. These are increasingly being used for navigation in personal as well as commercial vehicles for number of varied reasons. Some of the dominant reasons for the usage of Car Trackers are Safety from theft, commercial fleet management, monitoring for personal reasons and other need-based requirements.

How a Car Tracker works

car tracker

The functioning of a Car Tracker GPS device is easy to understand. As we know these are equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS) Device, which determines the exact location or the movement of the vehicle where this is attached. A GPS tracker not only gives the real time data but also the historic navigation data of the vehicle. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network are in the nucleus of GPS Trackers as the GNSS network uses satellites microwave signals transmission to derive the exact location of the device. The GPS receivers not only determine the location of the vehicle but can also determine speed and time.

The real time data gives the exact movement of the vehicle at that particular time frame whereas historical feeds of the Car Tracker GPS may help to trace the route traveled by the vehicle in particular time frame.

Need of Car Trackers

car tracker

It is also imperative to understand the utility of Car Tracker devices which is equipped with GPS. Though it may be used for variety of things however more prominently it is used to deter the car thefts. In urban lifestyle these days it is increasingly being used for authoritative parenting for teens however the most predominant usage of Car trackers is in commercial fleets. Organisations are using these devices to coordinate the movement of staff with much ease on either side as well as to track the total movement of vehicles for expense tracking purposes. Bigger organisations which have to ferry their staffs in a complicated time and location combination can simplify the movement tracking and coordination among driver, passengers and facility staffs.

Car Tracker Installation

One of the essentials of Car Tracker device is the power supply in the device. On this aspect there are 2 variants of Car Tracker devices, one which has continuous power supply from within the car while the other is the one which is powered by battery and needs periodical charging.

A battery enabled Tracker device has the freedom to be placed almost anywhere in the car. This factor is quite advantageous for purpose being the safety of the car, as in case of theft attempt it is tedious for the thief to detect the Car Tracker device located inside the car. However, the limitation in such devices are that it needs periodical charging. These devices are placed near onboard diagnostics (OBD-II) connector generally placed near the driver’s dashboard. These devices have continuous power supply from the diagnostic connector and have seamless operations as compared to the battery enables devices.  


So overall a Car Tracker is much helpful in navigating the real time location as well as historical data. It also helps to demonstrate the driving behavior of the user through various reports generated from the driving pattern.  

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