ais 140 software

AIS 140 Software

GeoRadius has developed AIS 140 software in compliance with the recent ARAI published AIS 140 standard. Our software and mobile application incorporates all features and advanced functionality desired by OEM and State Government. The government has directed every state’s public transport department to make sure that all passenger carrying buses conform to the AIS 140 server guidelines by 1st April 2018. AIS 140 server will play a vital role in standardizing vehicle tracking devices across India. We offer white label software and partner program for ease of implementation sharing our experience and handholding.

Development of AIS 140 Standard

Ministry of Surface Transport (MoST) has constituted a permanent Automotive Industry Standards Committee (AISC) vide order No. RT-11028/11/97-MVL dated September 15, 1997. In addition, the standards prepared by AISC are approved by the permanent CMVR Technical Standing Committee (CTSC). Most noteworthy, Automotive Research Association of India, (ARAI), Pune, the secretariat of the AIS Committee, has published this AIS 140 standard. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) has globally proven to optimize the transportation systems in terms of efficiency, quality, comfort, and safety.

Furthermore, realizing the potential of ITS, Government in India is presently working towards AIS implementation across the country. The committee advised the above user requirements for all public transportation namely – buses, taxis, and auto rickshaws. Based on these directions, the AISC Panel on ITS has prepared this AIS 140 titled, “Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) – requirements”. The panel has also deliberated and identified the necessary elements for an effective implementation of vehicle level ITS system. The AIS 140 on ITS is provisioned with both system level approval and vehicle level approval. System-level approval is needed to enable retro-fitment of ITS systems on in-use vehicles. This will ensure ITS backend infrastructure already present with the STUs to be fully utilized and backend infrastructure more viable. BIS and AIS both have panels which are formulating standards on ITS.

The final satellite of the IRNSS (renamed NavIC) system has been launched on 28th April 2016 and the NavIC system is expected to be operational soon. A decision needs to be taken whether the systems specified in this standard need to be aligned with both GPS and NavIC systems. GPS and NavIC systems require entirely different hardware and software. If in future India likely abandons GPS, it may be worthwhile to specify only NavIC compatibility in this standard.

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