5 Reasons why you should become A GeoRadius Partner:

Become A GeoRadius Partner because:

GeoRadius brings you a vast range of products and services to chose from and sell it across your developed leads. Our partners take pride in promoting our products to their customers. We assure good quality of sensors and processors along with 24X7 technical support for all our partners.

Multiple products to Sell:

Mulitple products by Georadius

GeoRadius is host to more than 4 different types of asset tracking. However, it offers massive customization according to the usability to the end customer. Our Vehicle Tracking System can be used to track heavy equipment as well.

This allows you to upsell and cross-sell your customers. You can promise your customers the best service and full fill it on your behalf.


Become a Georadius partner, to sell different products and services. Expand your customer base.

Complete Technical Training & Support:

GeoRadius Technical training

When we assure the best service to our end customers, we also make sure that our partners and their teams are capable of handling issues and resolve those on urgent basis.

We believe in enabling our teams and partners to perform better in times of need.We provide complete technical as well as sales training to our partners. This helps them communicate and serve to their customers.



Become A Georadius partner & stop worrying about your technical limitations. We help you learn.

Edge Over Other Players

Unique provision for customization already gives you an edge but there is something else we are talking about.
Made In India – Our Indian made products saves you huge import duties and taxes on every sale. We are here to solve any issues you face and give you a warranty for up to 2 years. The average life of a Chinese device is around 3 years where as Indian made devices work as long as 5 to 6 years. This long lifetime of the device gives you ample amount of recurring benefits and profits.No inclusion of import duties and taxes lowers your cost of selling. A reimbursable GST also incurs lesser cost on per sale basis. Eventually converting in net profits in the sale of the device as well as software.

Rebranding & White Labelling

Georadius | White label GeoRadius offers complete rebranding if you want to advance as an independent brand among your customers. Our hardware, as well as software, is available for rebranding. 

Rebranding our services and products, helps you associate your values and ideas to business. It lets you stand out among all other sellers. Also, your customers have one single point of enquiry for any query or error.

Become GeoRadius Partner & upscale your own brand.


Automated Billing Process 

Become GeoRadius PartnerAutomated billing process makes sure that all your customers are billed on time, according to their plan and tenure. Simply send bills to customers and update the system after payment.

Our portal has online payment option which automatically updates the system. Every customer is billed as per the plan selected at beginning of service.


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