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Field Force Tracking

Manage Field Force | Get Real-Time Location | Control Travel Claims | Rearrange Tasks According to Availability

Save time on follow ups

Follow up on assigned tasks is a crucial part of team management. Collaborating & sharing work among teammates takes up major time. GeoTask – Field Force Tracking system save you this time and allows better coordination and task allocation. GPS-based location accuracy gives actual distance covered during a task. Geo Task App is available on IOS and Android


Tasks status can be updated by team members on the go. Tasks are tracked in real time with the location, kilometers traveled and stop reports. The team can also add required photographs on the field and add their comments related to the task.

Track field employees


To scan task during deliveries. Supports UPC E, UPC A, EAN 8, EAN 13, QR, Data Matrix, 128, 39 & ITF Code

Battery Life

Optimized and tuned with real-time tracking battery longevity, designed to last miles without data.

Multi- Manager

Allocate tasks based on location and availability of field executive. Such accurate data helps in efficient tasks planning.
Enable high level of transparency while allocating task with its cost implications.

Different managers can be assigned to different teams while having common teammates. Get project reports and analyze tasks success. The task can be reassigned, rescheduled, modified and canceled.

Improve Project and task management efficiency. Turn plans into action and reduce needless meetings and email. The repetitive task can be added with ease, useful for scheduled maintenance visits on the client side.

Geo Track field employees


Create and assign tasks to individuals in the team. Schedule tasks & include alerts and reminders.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Manage work in real time. Access task and reports and comments from any device, wherever you are.

Conveyance & Expenses

Managing travel conveyance and expenses for field employees is a complex and time taking and complex procedure. There is a significant lack of control in expense compliance with company policies. General inability to collect accurate reports is one of the reason processing and admin costs blotting up.

Employees can use the Geo Task to upload expenses and receipts. The report automatically undergoes an evaluation process. Managers and finance departments can analyze reports created from entered data for ease of reconciliation and payment.

Time and obscure costs are saved with this simple and convenient process.

Track Field Employee Expenses

Improve Visibility to Find Trends

An online expense report system makes it easy for companies to review spending, look for trends, and even apply that information to negotiate volume-based discounts on products and services.

Reimburse Employees Faster

Expense report systems can help reduce turnaround time by improving accessibility for faster submission, approval, and employee reimbursement cycles.

Expense and Task Reports

Data-driven decision making puts your team leaders in the driver’s seat. Managers can view expenditure against a budget for the team with Geo Task – Field Force tracking.

Detailed analytics, integrated dashboard, and handy export features enable forecasting Planners can view company-wide trends in field force. Simple app installation on a mobile device gives accurate expenditure data.

One can build customized reports and dashboards to identify tasks that are tagged in different stages like – ‘due’, ‘at-risk’, or ‘not assigned’. Track status and metrics across your to-do lists in real time.

Generate Efficiency Reports | Field Task Manager

Hourly Workforce Attendance

Our GPS based location attendance technology can track any employee, anywhere, while curbing time theft, OT costs and compliance violations.

Live updates in realtime

Manage work in real time. Access task and reports and comments from any device, wherever you are.

Live Monitoring

Monitor real-time movement of field staff on the map for location-based task assignment.


Tracking application custom-built around your business. Customize software according to your sales & field staff needs.

Conveyance calculator

Calculate conveyance based on tasks completed, customer visits and location history of field executive.

App Menu Field Force Tracking App


Assign, schedule and track field tasks via multi-manager application on web and mobile.

Battery Life

Optimized and tuned with real-time tracking battery longevity, designed to last miles without data.


To scan task during deliveries. Supports UPC E, UPC A, EAN 8, EAN 13, QR, Data Matrix, 128, 39 & ITF Code

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