Bus & Truck Show 2013

Bus & truck show was held at BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand from November 7th to 9th 2013. Show aimed at creating Commercial Vehicle Technology awareness. It moreover offered the platform for worldwide manufacturers and distributors of related services.

Specialty Of Bus and Truck Show

Managed by TTF 15,000 square meters in general, the area modified to accommodate business across the industry. Worldwide exhibitors occupied this space to demonstrate products and services in Commercial and Special Purpose Vehicle business. The show promoted advanced innovation and its usage for upgradations of the auto industry in Thailand.

GeoRadius Presence at Bus and truck Show

 GeoRadius attracted visitors with innovative solutions like a camera, RFID, and fuel. The local news channel especially covered us at the event for our technology and innovation. Generally speaking, bus and truck show brought us notable recognition in vehicle tracking business for The year 2013.

To summarize the show became the center of Commercial & Special Purpose Vehicle exhibition in ASEAN.

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